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Wall Mounted Music Amplifier

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Introducing a sophisticated addition to your living space, designed to seamlessly integrate into modern homes.

Perfect Fit: Crafted to snugly fit the standard 86×86 wall box. Say goodbye to bulky setups and hello to a streamlined audio experience.
Luxurious Look: Elevate your home’s aesthetic with its luxurious design complemented by an interactive LED screen, providing vital playback information and settings at a glance.
High-Efficiency Amplification: Packed with a built-in 2×10 W amplifier @ 8Ω, expect nothing but clear, vibrant sound that fills the room.
Expansive Frequency Response: With a wide frequency range of 20Hz~20kHz, experience music in all its depth and detail, from deep bass lines to high notes.
Diverse Playback Options: Whether you’re streaming from USB, Micro SD, or via Bluetooth, choices abound. Plus, with two AUX inputs, you can connect additional audio devices effortlessly.
Stay Tuned: Dive into the world of FM radio. Store up to 20 of your favorite radio channels and switch between them with ease. Both automatic and manual search options mean you’re always in control.
Multiple Formats, One Device: Play your treasured collections without a hitch. Whether it’s MP3, WMA, WAV, or FLAC, this music center handles a diverse array of file types, ensuring you never miss a beat.

With this wall-mounted music center, you get not only an exquisite piece of hardware but a gateway to countless musical adventures. Elevate your auditory experience today!

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DM835: Your Home Music Hub

Introducing the DM835, a state-of-the-art music control center tailor-made for the contemporary home. Effortlessly efficient and remarkably versatile, this device is a testament to advanced audio engineering.

Boundless Audio Inputs: Whether you’re an old-school radio lover or a digital music enthusiast, DM835 has got you covered. Select from a wide array of sources – FM, SD, BT, USB, AUX1, and AUX2, ensuring that you’re never out of options.

Powerful Output: Featuring 8 ohms low-impedance outputs, the DM835 ensures clear and crisp sound across the spectrum. Its frequency response, ranging from 20Hz-20 kHz, promises an immersive audio experience, capturing the nuances of every note.

Dynamic FM Radio: Dive into the world of FM radio with ease. The DM835 not only supports FM but also offers storage for up to 20 channels, letting you switch between your favorite stations seamlessly.

All-Encompassing Audio Formats: Whatever your preferred audio format, the DM835 plays it. From the classic MP3 and WMA to the rich WAV and FLAC, this control center is designed to handle a diverse range of music files.

Control at Your Fingertips: The bright LCD screen provides vital information at a glance, displaying time, song titles, and the total song count. Paired with an intuitive infrared controller, you can orchestrate your musical experience from any corner of the room. Additionally, its tactile physical buttons grant you a classic control feel, marrying the best of both digital and analog worlds.

Embrace the next level of home audio with the DM835. Here’s to countless musical memories, right in the comfort of your living space.


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