Hue Switch Cover for US Toggle switches [V1-V2]

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£1.99 excl. VAT

✅ Attaches to existing light switch to allow fitting of Philips Hue Dimmer V1

✅ Prevents accidental switch off to keep Philips Hue routines operational 24/7

✅ Easy and quick installation on top of your existing light switch

✅ Elegant design and discreet look blending in well with any environment and saving the wall space



Philips Hue Dimmer Switch V1/V2
US  Toggle Light switches

Fitting instructions:
1. Unscrew the two retaining screws on the light switch
2. Attach the adapter on top of the light switch and screw both back into the wall using the existing screws

Kit contains:
SM213 Adapter

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.0 × 1.7 mm

V1-UK, V1-US, V2-US

15 reviews for Hue Switch Cover for US Toggle switches [V1-V2]

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  1. These make life so easy , hide the switch and present the remote switch perfectly

  2. I wanted an easy solution for mounting my hue dinner switched on the light switch every since I first purchased me hue lights and switches. When I found these I knew I needed then immediately. Install was simple, holds the remote just as good as the factory mount, looks much cleaner than having and extra light switch in the wall. Phillips should really just make something like this and still it in the box with their dinner switches

  3. This thing is great! It lets me put my hue switch over my original toggle switch without looking hideous. The only change I would like to see is a stronger magnet used to keep the hue switch attached to it. In the 2 months i’ve had this, it only fell off once, maybe twice. Other than that this is a great solution to stopping from people turning off the physical light switch and interacting with the hue ecosystem.

  4. I use my hue lights in the bedroom as a critical component of waking each morning. My sleep app initiates an artificial sunrise 10 minutes before my alarm goes off… it is shocking how much harder it is to wake up in the predawn hours without it. My wonderful husband, however, has an aversion to using an app on his phone to control the lights… so I often find the light switch in the off position after I am all tucked in and cozy in bed. I previously got the dimmer switch for him to use, but still his hand goes to that switch. This simple, yet ingenious device is the answer to my prayers… blocking (but not permanently) the toggle switch will hopefully encourage him to use the dimmer switch instead. If I get anything but miraculous results from this, I will update my review.

  5. 4.5/5.Great idea and otherwise great product except the magnet could be stronger. Though I haven’t Dunne it yet, it feels like it would be easy to accidentally knock the remote off.

  6. So it looks like the manufacturer has listened to some of the complaints in the reviews as my single rocker plates came with spacers which makes the install fairly sturdy. Much more so than some of the reviews indicate.They come with super long nylon screws that can be trimmed if need be. So far I have only installed 1 of the 3 I ordered and my ONLY complaint would be that there is only 1 magnet at the bottom. So the issue where the controller sticks out just a hair at the top remains, bit isnt TERRIBLE, just mildly annoying. So far I like the plate.

  7. Fabulous! Love this!!! It looks great and easy to install! Highly recommend!

  8. So easy to install and it fits so snug on the plate. Has a magnet so the switch fits right in. Amazing!

  9. Great fix for Phillip’s Hue Remote. I do wish the screws were metal instead of plastic and that the magnet was stronger, but it still does it’s job and is well worth the buy. Would buy again.

  10. Only has half the magnets it should and this means it doesn’t hold onto the dimmer nearly as well as it should and if you have the dimmer above hardwood, you’ll likely break your dimmer switch

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