SM200 Hue Switch Cover [V1]

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  • Covers existing light switch to allow fitting of Philips Hue Dimmer Wireless Switch V1
  • Prevents accidental switch off to keep Philips Hue routines operational 24/7
  • Universal design and high compatibility allows easy fitting to most wall light switches (UK/EU) up to 92x92mm in size and 60mm distance between the screw holes
  • Easy and quick installation on top of your existing light switch
  • Elegant design and discreet look blending in well with any environment and saving the wall space


The SM200 adapter is designed to solve the common problem in many smart homes. Smart bulbs will simply stop working if the main light switch is off as they require power to operate. SM200 adapter covers the main light switch and prevents an accidental switch off while keeping your Philips Hue setup fully functional. The installation is very easy and requires just a screwdriver which is also included in the package.

ABS plastic

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer V1
Standard UK light switches up to 92x92x9mm switch plate size, 60mm distance between screw holes and up to 4mm rocker height

1. Unscrew the two retaining screws on the light switch
2. Attach the adapter on top of the light switch and screw both back into the wall using new supplied screws
3. Remove the insert from the Philips Hue flush mount and clip on the adapter

Samotech SM200 UK Light Switch Adapter
Two electrical screws

Additional information

Weight 55 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 9.8 × 1.8 mm


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Image #1 from Adam
Image #2 from niall c.
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Image #1 from Adam


An inexpensive and entirely brilliant answer to the problem of guests messing with the light switches. Quick and easy to install - all necessary bits provided.

Image #2 from niall c.

niall c.

i like they fit nicely,could look nicer though maybe lose some of the edges but happy with them

Image #3 from Simon Cutting

Simon Cutting

Easy and perfect fit, the additional longer screws are useful.

Image #4 from David Pivoňka

David Pivoňka

I own this one for every switch inside my house. Great quality and look.

Image #1 from Adam
Image #2 from niall c.
Image #3 from Simon Cutting
Image #4 from David Pivoňka
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  1. Brilliant cover. Looks really smart when installed and covers the switches in non-permanent way which is exactly what I was after.

  2. Great quality product, would recommend.

  3. Only bad thing I’ll say is if like me you have very old light switches with curved facia and thin pointy switches like the ones popular in 70s, this cover is too thin to raise past the switch. However the flatter thinner and wider switches are just fine. I had to buy a new switch for this to fit but it fits newer type switches fine. First step to a smarter home and really easy to fit and setup with a hue smart remote switch

  4. Sehr gut. Vielen Dank

  5. These switch covers are ideal

  6. Value for money

  7. This seemed easy enough to fit, turn off electric power to light switch and undo switch facing, attach cover on top of original facing and screw back on, the only problem was that the cover is too deep and when screwed back on the original light switch plate is loose under the new cover, I couldn’t tighten it to the wall anymore otherwise the new cover would’ve cracked.
    I Checked with my brother whose an electrician and he assured me it was ok.
    Works well and looks good too.

  8. I just tried it to see if its compatible. It was very easy to install. I’ll buy more

  9. Der Hue-Schalter passt perfekt und die ?berstehende Unterputzdose ist endlich verschwunden.

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