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Double light switch frame for Philips Hue Dimmer (German/European switches) – SM202


✅ Replaces standard double light switch frame to allow installation of Philips Hue dimmer plate instead of the light switch button
✅ Easy replacement of your existing double frame
✅ Keeps Philips Hue routines operational around the clock
✅ Prevents the Smart Lamps from being accidentally turned off
✅ Practical design compatible with many different light switches brands
✅ Smart and attractive slimmer look

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SM202 double frame replaces an existing frame to allow installation of Philips Hue dimmer switch on German and many other standard European light switches with a metal socket (tragring)

White Plastic

SM202 double frame is compatible with most German light switches and sockets, where the tragring / mounting frame made of metal. It is NOT compatible with plastic tragring / mounting frame.
Compatible models: Unitec 2 fascia cover frame | Voltomat ART, LINEA, LENA | Greater compatibility by using SM202 mini-inserts (Busch Jaeger, Voltomat Micro, GIRA, Kopp and many others).

1. Remove the light switch knob / unscrew the socket
2. Loosen the bracket that holds the existing frame and remove it
3. Attach the SM202 double frame and secure it to the original bracket and / or the socket insert
4. Remove the insert from the Philips Hue dimmer front panel
5. Attach the Philips Hue dimmer front panel to the top of the SM202 double frame


Samotech SM202 Double Frame

🔴Philips Hue Smart Wireless-Dimmer is not included!

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SM202, SM202-50, SM202-54, SM202-64

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