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Hue Switch Cover for US Rocker Light Switch [V1]

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  • SM212 adapter magnetically snaps over the existing single rocker light switch (US style) to allow fitting for Philips Hue Dimmer Switch
  • Prevents accidental switch off to keep Philips Hue routines operational 24/7
  • Unique design that looks elegant and stylish on the wall
  • Easy 1-second installation. The physical switch can always be accessed, by detaching the SM212 cover

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ABS Plastic

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch
US single rocker light switch

Fitting instructions:
1. Attach the SM212 adapter on top of a single rocker light switch. No screws required.

Kit contains:
SM212 Adapter

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Weight 90 g

16 reviews for Hue Switch Cover for US Rocker Light Switch [V1]

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  1. No cap, this may be one of the best things I ever bought off of Amazon. The magnetic was perfect, snapped right over my existing light switch, and holds the hue remote securely in place. 5 stars. I wish every product delivered as perfectly as this.

  2. This is a perfect fit for a standard size switch plate, and it’s easy to install (it’s only magnetized). I was originally concerned that it wouldn’t stay easily, but it sticks just as well as the dimmer switch on the original plate.I bought one as a test, and now I’ve purchased enough to go around the rest of the house. Definitely worth the purchase!

  3. This is a great solution for hiding the switches with the Hue switch, while also making easy access to the switch. You will need to change out the switch to the paddle style.

  4. This fits perfectly over the light switch in the condo we rent and has stayed on without issue for several weeks now. As renters it’s great to be able to have a good looking option like this that doesn’t modify the wall switch at all.

  5. I upgraded most of my house to Philips Hue, and really like the lights. What I did not like was, the extra light switch cover next to the original like switch. Now just to be clear, we have rocker switches throughout the house not toggle switches. Most were 2 or 3 switches to a plate in my house. Anyways, my family members would always turn off the orginal switch and then I would get the Hue light offline in my hue app. And I would have to go turn it back on to get the Hue light to work!It was frustrating because it happened all the time!I finally taped the original switches, to keep them from being switched off. And the fact that there were two plates in every wall where I had Hue lights just made me wish there was something out there to make things look cleaner.The Hue plates look great as a stand alone! But ,it just looked too busy with 2 wall plates.I looked into Friend of Hue switches, but they were expensive and to redo the whole house was just too much money for the cleaner look.I ran across these and I was happy! But then i saw that all 3 models were not for over sized wall plates. I really like the idea so I bought one to try and sure enough it would not fit . Very disappointed!I then bought a single Toggle cover from this vendor even though I have rockers switches ,but I felt I could do something with them. After a lot of trial and error I got them to work for my ,by adding 2 strong magnets to my orginal wall plates.I tried 2 sided tape but ,it would not hold with the pull from the strong magnets. So I expoxied them to the plates( plates are only like 50 cents to 1 dollar a piece and are easy to replace)I was pleasantly surprised that it held so good, and tight with the magnets and the look was not bad either for not being meant to be used on this rocker setup!

  6. Works like a charm, bought several of these and they fit right over the cover. No issues so far. Wish this came standard instead of what what the hue remote came in.

  7. Awesome product, could you come out with one where the hie switch part actually slides, so that way if your just controlling lamps in that room you dont have to hang an additional switch plate

  8. A great idea. Covers the switch that must always be ON in order to properly use Hue bulbs – and also provides a home for a Hue remote.A good – but not perfect – fit over the switch plate. I put a small piece of double-sided tape under the top lip of the cover to prevent it from moving up and down. Probably not necessary, but pleased my OC personality.

  9. Overall:For the money, it’s exactly what I needed, and works very well.Tip:When you install, it’s easy to overtighten the plastic screws, which bends the plate and causes the remote not to fit. Don’t over tighten and you’ll be fine.Pros:Easy to installMatches the color very wellDoes what you need it toCons:The magnet only on the bottom, and not very strong. It’s definitely strong enough but it makes the remote feel a bit lose and doesn’t have the satisfying click of the plate that comes with the remote.The plastic screws the come with it are flexible, so the entire plate will wiggle if you wiggle it. Not a big deal since I don’t wiggle my light switches typically, but follow the other reviewer’s steps to get a more secure fit.

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