SM215 Light Switch Cover for Hue Dimmer & Button


  • New design! Two colours White and Grey. Choose SM215 base colour and add a slider to create your full cover set!
  • Universal smart-looking light switch cover with unique features
  • Covers existing light switch to allow fitting Smart Buttons from different manufacturers
  • Prevents an accidental switch off and keeps Smart Lights active and operational 24/7
  • Smart design and high compatibility make the installation a straightforward task
  • Elegant and unique look blending in well with any environment


The SM215 cover is designed to solve the common problem in many smart homes where smart lights can accidentally be switched off by the physical switch. SM215 protects your main light switch from an unexpected shutdown while still keeping the switch accessible when needed. Installation is very easy and doesn’t require any electrical work.

ABS plastic

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer – SM215-HD
Philips Hue Smart Button – SM215-BT/SM215-2BT
IKEA Tradfri Remote Control – SM215-IS
IKEA Tradfri Remote Dimmer – SM215-TRD
Samsung Smartthings Button – SM215-IS
Standard square UK and EU light switches up to 86x86x10mm switch plate size, 60mm distance between screw holes and up to 5mm rocker height.

1. Unscrew the two retaining screws on the light switch
2. Attach the adapter on top of the light switch and screw both back into the wall using supplied screws
3. Slide-in the compatible adapter and attach your smart button/dimmer

Additional information

Weight50 g

SM215 White, SM215 Hue Dimmer Set [White], SM215 Hue Button Set [White], SM215-HD White, SM215-BT White, SM215-2BT White, SM215-IS White, SM215-TRD White, SM215 Grey, SM215 Hue Dimmer Set [Grey], SM215 Hue Button Set [Grey], SM215-HD Grey, SM215-BT Grey, SM215-2BT Grey, SM215-IS Grey, SM215-TRD Grey

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