Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency with our room temperature monitor. Easily mounted on a wall or simply placed on a shelf, this device effortlessly keeps tabs on both temperature and humidity levels in any space.

By integrating with the Tuya SM310 Zigbee Hub or the Home Assistant Hub, you can set up tailored automations according to specific temperature or humidity readings. Whether you wish to trigger your smart thermostat, activate a dehumidifier, or receive alerts for drastic changes, this monitor offers versatile solutions to cater to your unique needs. Make your home smart and responsive with precise environmental insights.

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This sensor delivers real-time data on both temperature and humidity levels in its vicinity. When integrated with other Zigbee-compatible devices, it enables the creation of smart automation routines tailored to specific environmental conditions. Whether you’re looking to activate a fan when humidity rises or trigger heating when temperatures drop, this sensor makes your smart home even smarter, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

Tuya Zigbee Hub
Home Assistant (TS0201)

SM313Z Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Installation and Operating Instructions
2xCR2032 batteries

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Weight 50 g


Pairing with Samsung SmartThings Hub (SM313/SM313Z only)
1. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the LED indicator starts flashing on the sensor
2. Add Device by Scanning for Nearby devices
3. Initially the SM313Z will be identified as a Thing due to no default device handler assigned
4. Log in to SmartThings Groovy IDE with the existing Samsung account to assign the compatible device handler
5. Edit the Thing and change the type to SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor. After a few moments SM313Z will synchronize with the app and become fully functional. If any issues, power the sensor off and on again or press the reset button once.

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  1. Extremely easy to order. Was not in stock when originally wanted to order for signed up to be alerted once back in stock. 3 were ordered and quickly received. Had them up and running in about 5 minutes. Only suggestion would be to include a small piece of double sided tape to secure them to the wall or whichever place works best… Will buy from again and recommend.

  2. Works perfectly in my HomeSeer setup.

  3. Does the job it’s supposed to. Easy to setup.

  4. seems good so far long range in house reporting temperature although limited within Alexa App what it reports – I do not have Zigbee Hub so not sure how good that option is . Working with Alexa Show

  5. Exactly what it says on the box. Good size, easy to set up.

  6. Works with Hubitat. If you pair it as a Sonoff Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor, it operates as it should. There may be a better driver, but I can’t find it. At first, I thought it would need a temperature offset when I compared it with a good digital thermometer, but once it had settled in, it didn’t need that. I haven’t been able to compare it with a hygrometer, but the humidity measurements I’m presuming are good enough. 4x4x1cm in size.

  7. Small, neat device. Good accuracy and responsiveness.

  8. Great little sensors

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