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NEW 2024 Model!

Upgrade your dimmable lights to smart control with ease! Our innovative dimmer module lets you control LED, incandescent, or halogen bulbs using a classic rotary control. With built-in WIFI, you can conveniently control your lights remotely from your mobile phone, adding smart automation to your home. Compatible with traditional UK faceplates, simply replace the existing non-smart dimmer module for seamless integration. No neutral wire required, making it compatible with any existing UK wiring. Installation is a breeze, taking as little as 10 minutes. Designed for use with UK faceplates and rated for 200W dimmable LED or incandescent/halogen bulbs.

  • Physical and remote control: Enjoy the convenience of controlling your lights either through physical buttons or remotely via the Tuya or Smart Life app on your phone. No additional hub is required as the dimmer connects directly to your existing WIFI router.
  • Energy-saving automation: Take advantage of the automation capabilities to schedule and automate your lights, helping you save on energy costs.
  • Optimal dimming performance: Achieve smooth and precise dimming of your LED bulbs, ensuring the perfect lighting ambiance for any occasion.
  • Easy installation: With a quick and straightforward installation process, you can have the dimmer up and running in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Works with existing wiring: Designed to work seamlessly in UK homes of any age, the dimmer does not require a neutral wire, making it compatible with a wide range of electrical setups.
  • Includes 1 gang white faceplate: The dimmer comes with a sleek and modern 1 gang white faceplate to seamlessly blend with your existing decor.
  • Compatible with various bulb types: Works well with all certified dimming bulb types, including up to 200-Watt of dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs


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Weight 40 g

WIFI Dimmer Module, Standard 1-Gang, Standard 2-Gang, Slim White/Gold 1-Gang, Slim White/Black 1-Gang, Slim White/Silver 1-Gang, Slim White/Grey 1-Gang, Slim White/Gold 2-Gang, Slim White/Black 2-Gang, Slim White/Silver 2-Gang, Slim White/Grey 2-Gang, Slim White/Gold 3-Gang, Slim White/Black 3-Gang, Slim White/Silver 3-Gang, Slim White/Grey 3-Gang, Slim White/Gold 4-Gang, Slim White/Black 4-Gang, Slim White/Silver 4-Gang, Slim White/Grey 4-Gang, Slim Grey/Gold 1-Gang, Slim Grey/Black 1-Gang, Slim Grey/Silver 1-Gang, Slim Grey/Grey 1-Gang, Slim Grey/Gold 2-Gang, Slim Grey/Black 2-Gang, Slim Grey/Silver 2-Gang, Slim Grey/Grey 2-Gang, Slim Grey/Gold 3-Gang, Slim Grey/Black 3-Gang, Slim Grey/Silver 3-Gang, Slim Grey/Grey 3-Gang, Slim Grey/Gold 4-Gang, Slim Grey/Black 4-Gang, Slim Grey/Silver 4-Gang, Slim Grey/Grey 4-Gang, Slim Black/Gold 1-Gang, Slim Black/Black 1-Gang, Slim Black/Silver 1-Gang, Slim Black/Grey 1-Gang, Slim Black/Gold 2-Gang, Slim Black/Black 2-Gang, Slim Black/Silver 2-Gang, Slim Black/Grey 2-Gang, Slim Black/Gold 3-Gang, Slim Black/Black 3-Gang, Slim Black/Silver 3-Gang, Slim Black/Grey 3-Gang, Slim Black/Gold 4-Gang, Slim Black/Black 4-Gang, Slim Black/Silver 4-Gang, Slim Black/Grey 4-Gang


Samotech SM323 WIFI Dimmer Switch Manual


Incandescent 10-200W
Halogen 10-200W
Dimmable LED 5-100W (R,L)-5-200W(R,C)
Dimming mode Leading/Trailing
Control Method One/Multiway
Compatibility Tuya, Lidl Home, Ledvance, BG, Smart Life,
Google Assistant, Alexa


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  1. The switches are great, just what I was looking for. Easy to install and set up too.

  2. Excellent product, so easy to install and operates exactly as I wanted.

  3. Extremely happy with this. Exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find anything like it elsewhere. Subtle smartness. Works a treat!

  4. I was worry after I placed a big order but same as other people’s review, they ship out my order in 1st class royal mail and received them within a short time. Excellent delivery and CS.

  5. Perfect smart dimmer that I’ve managed to link to Apple Home via the Tuya Homebridge plugin.

  6. Great product. Easy installation. Easy set up. Works perfectly with Google home as well.

    Very happy

  7. Installing this WIFI dimmer is a walk in the park since it only requires two wires, not three. Its performance is commendable, and the old-fashioned design is a nice touch. Overall I am very happy with the dimmer.

  8. This new switch is way better than the old non-smart one it replaced! No flickering with dimmable LED lamps and the dimming range is pretty good too.

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