Zigbee Dimmer module [SM309-S]

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Next-Gen Protocol: Boasting the advanced ZigBee 3.0 protocol, this dimmer offers seamless compatibility and elevated performance.

Universal Compatibility: Effortlessly sync with renowned systems such as Philips Hue, Homekit, Echo Plus, Hubitat, Homeassistant (ZHA, deConz, Conbee, Raspbee), and a plethora of universal ZigBee gateways.

Voltage Flexibility: With a broad input and output voltage range of 100-240VAC, it caters to diverse power needs.

Versatile Load Support: Efficiently handle resistive, capacitive, or inductive loads. A retractive switch is essential for optimal performance.

High Capacity: Offering a single channel output, it supports up to a whopping 400W.

Reliable Terminals: Ensure safety and a sturdy connection with the screw terminals for both input and output.

Factory-Defined Settings: Benefit from the trailing-edge version, preset at the factory, ensuring peak performance.

Granular Control: Dictate the ON/OFF state and modulate the luminosity of the connected lighting.

Simplified Pairing: As a ZigBee router device, it supports Touchlink commissioning, enabling direct pairing with compatible Zigbee remotes sans a coordinator.

Self-Reliant Networking: Form a Zigbee network autonomously without a coordinator, and seamlessly integrate other devices.

Optimized Binding: It not only supports the find-and-bind mode for ZigBee remotes but also champions Zigbee’s green power, accommodating up to 20 green power remotes.

Compact & Functional: Its mini dimensions allow for snug fitting within a standard 86*86mm wall box.

Energy Monitoring: Stay informed with active power and energy metering capabilities.

Wiring Versatility: Flexibility to wire it with or without a neutral wire.

Smart Illumination: Set minimum dimming levels, startup brightness, and leverage the cutting-edge light source detection algorithm.

Frequency & Safety: Operates on a 2.4GHz radio frequency and designed with a waterproof grade of IP20, ensuring safety and stability.

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Supported Zigbee clusters:

Input Zigbee clusters:
0x0000: Basic
0x0003: Identify
0x0004: Groups
0x0005: Scenes
0x0006: On/off
0x0b04: Electrical Measurement
0x0b05: Diagnostics
0x0b08: Level Control
0x0702: Simple Metering 

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Retractive, Standard


SAMOTECH Zigbee Dimmer SM309-S Manual

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  1. This was my second purchase. But also, note the SM323 all in one dimmer switch – I’ve bought more of those since discovering them.

  2. Fantastic. The solution I’d been waiting for with low power zigbee connection to Hue bridge. Nice feeling of quality with solid, easy to connect terminals. Be ready to pair it the moment you switch the power back on, like within seconds. I like the ability to set minimum dim – a must with low power LED bulbs which don’t like dimming less than about 30%

  3. I haven’t tested the devices yet.

  4. I connected both of the dimmer modules to the retractive switches, turned on the power and before I had time to do anything else, they’d connected to the Hue app. I named the switches and added them to the virtual room and by the time I’d done that, Alexa had also added them both. The only way it could be easier, is if they wired themselves…
    Jokes aside… there is a little minimum dim level button, make sure you set that, if you’re using LED lamps, before you finish putting your switches back on the wall.

  5. Paired first time with “Sonoff Universal Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZBDongle-E” using home assistant and zigbee2mqtt. Seems well made and documentation/wiring diagrams were clear.

  6. Wired into dimmable GU10s in bedroom. Works with Phillips Hue App

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