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✔️ Compatible with Philips Hue Bridge (SM308, SM309 only), Amazon Echo Plus, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Tuya Zigbee Gateway, Samsung SmartThings, deCONZ, Raspbee and others
✔️ Can be linked to and controlled by max. 30 zigbee remotes that support zigbee light link through touchlink
✔️ Supports the new zigbee green power feature, and can bind to and be controlled by up to 20 zigbee green power remotes
✔️ Smart switch for LED and traditional incandescent lights
✔️ Smooth dimming control for dimmable lights

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1. Wire up the switch as per enclosed diagram and place the device as close as possible to your Zigbee hub during the initial setup
2. Either press the reset button or power cycle the device 5 times to initiate the Touchlink connection. SM308/SM309 should trigger the lights flashing, MS104Z will make a beeping noise to confirm a successful reset
3. Amazon Echo Plus/Echo Show 2nd Gen – Ask Alexa to discover new devices. Philips Hue – Add a new light through the Settings->Light Setup (SM308, SM309 only)
4. Any other compatible Zigbee hub – follow your own hub’s instructions for adding new devices

Additional information

Weight45 g
Dimensions4.5 × 4 × 2 cm

SM308, SM309, MS104Z



Wiring Diagram


How to Reset and Connect SM308 to the Hue bridge

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This is a brilliant device. I have now purchased 3 of these switchers and set up with my Hue hub could not have been be easier. They are particularly useful when wanting to switch non Hue bulbs. I have a number of light fittings with B15 (small bayonet) bulbs and I cannot find this variant in the Hue range. Additionally I have 2 x 3 bulbs in two linked light fittings and this would be a cost effective remote switching device when compared with the cost of purchasing 6 Hue bulbs. I have not experienced any issues with distance to my Hue hub even when I have located one of them behind a retractive light switch (also supplied by Samotech) in my adjoining garage. I did however test and set up the product in close proximity to my Hub before installation.

  2. James (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  3. Dirk Verspeelt (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works great!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Easy to install and totally compatible Philips Hue

  5. Phil Smith (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The not so good:
    A bit fiddly to set up, took a few goes on both my units. Multiple small power outages meant I had to reconnect once. Instructions are a bit confusing.
    The good:
    Solves a problem and works reliably. I would recommend

  6. George (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    This feels like a high quality, well enginerred, safe product. Installation was easy. Setup proceeded as described in the documentation and it is now connected to my Hue bridge/network as if it were an original Hue bulb, with no additional hardware or software required. So far it has been 100% reliable with no lag or signal loss. Very pleased.

  7. Alanah Hamilton

    Absolutely excellent product for controlling those non hue fixtures! This worked perfectly once I remembered reading a review that told me the hue bridge had to be paired when it was powered on really close to the device!

  8. Andy S. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Very clear instructions make it easy to install. The size of the puck is good for fitting into a 35mm deep back box. Works really well with Philips Hue bridge.

  9. Rupert (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works just like it should and fits nicely in the existing switch box

  10. Joe Earley

    Fits into a SG backbox. Switching setup is about odd but works nether the less. Works with hue and in turn Alexa. Quick switching and silent relay

  11. Paul Winrow (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The 308 switch works well, very easy to set up.
    Used this unit to control my driveway lights via Phillips hue

  12. Roswitha Huber

    Sehr gut sehr schnell immer wieder

  13. Jon

    I have this set up to trigger an extractor fan in my bathroom, after switching out for Hue lights. With some very minor modifications to the casing of the extractor fan (standard Manrose timed extractor) I was able to fit this unit inside.For anyone considering getting this for a similar purpose, here are the questions I wanted answers to:- Are the Live and Neutral connections common? Yes they are – you can pass the permanent live through the unit to the extractor fan.- I’ve connected it all up, why isn’t it pairing? Make sure you don’t have anything other than the live and neutral feed required to power the unit connected when you go to pair with the Zigbee hub, otherwise it won’t work.

  14. Lee D

    The last step of our lounge refurbishment was to replace the horrible old light fittings, complete with a dimmer that buzzed like a contented bee hive. As I’m also in the process of putting smart tech in the house, I wanted to do the whole lot in one shot. I didn’t want to go down the smart bulb route, as the remotes don’t suit the aesthetic we were going for. So I needed a smart dimmer, but almost all the switches needed a neutral wire and those that didn’t were only single gang and pretty tacky looking.Enter these little devices – and they are very small indeed. The instructions suggest putting them behind the light switch, but again with no neutral wire there, that was a no-go. These are small enough to fit in all but the tiniest of ceiling roses. And because they also have the option to attach a physical switch, it meant I could provide an option for anyone who didn’t want to take out their phone or ask Alexa to do things. So I also bought a Varilight momentary switch in a suitable colour to work with these and set to it.Wiring them up was really easy, as the instructions on doing that are pretty clear. Once in place, I was able to operate the lights with the switch and it all works as expected, with no delays and, more importantly, no buzzing! The dimming operation is very smooth and I’ve experienced no flickering from the LED bulbs I fitted.As for connecting to the smart tech, I initially hooked them up to my Echo Plus. Unfortunately, I had to move the Echo to nearer the lights so they would connect, but once hooked up they worked just fine. I later transferred them to a Hue bridge (for reasons I shan’t bore you with) and they connected very quickly indeed – I didn’t need to do much aside from kicking off the discovery process and then press reset four times on the modules. I can now operate the lights by switch, app, voice, IFTTT and anything else I need. The WAF is sky-high on the entire installation and I was able to press on with the smartification of my house in the process.Now, I said virtually no compromises. I’d personally have preferred to be able to use a rotary dimmer switch as this is easier for people to deal with, but it’s not a deal breaker and everyone seems to have adapted to the change in switch very quickly indeed.Also, these do need to use momentary switches if you don’t want to annoy people too much, which is almost inevitable if you’re using toggle switches that need to be flipped twice in order to get the light to respond, and for that reason I won’t be using these to convert the remaining lights in my house as it would be a pain to replace all the switches as well. But for this specific installation, where I was replacing the switch anyway, these were perfect.

  15. Mark

    I bought 3 of these after a little help and research from a local electricianI wasn’t confident to install myself (and wouldn’t recommend anyone that doesn’t have a relatively high level of knowledge to do so)I’ve been told by the electrician that the circuit diagrams are very good except that in the ‘single switch’ circuit there is an error in the diagram that shows a small black line which should be red (live rather than neutral) otherwise UK regs would be brokenUpon installing I followed the instructions which is press 4 times to pair. This is incorrect and 4 clicks is to reset. 5 clicks puts it in pairing mode and works instantly. There are quite a few reviews about distance. With the 5 click method I had no issue with distance from the hub including 2 installations upstairs well away from downstairs hubTime wise the first was 1.5 hours , second 1 hour and last 30 minutes. Once you understand the product it becomes easier. This was for 3 installs all set up to control a large LED ceiling light and extractor fans.I have now added hue remotes using the manufacturers switch covers and also a hue sensor in one room – controlling everything perfectlyYou will need a neutral cableLast thing I’d say is that if you have a complex cable set up then you can struggle for space behind light switch so you should consider when buyingOverall fantastic productIf this review helped it would be great if you could press the helpful button 🙂 thank you.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    A product I have been looking for for a long time. It is small in size and appears well made. I am told that on power failure it reverts to its previous state when power is recovered – extremely useful especially if like me, you are using the switcher to time/control outside lights via a Hue bridge and you do not want the lights to come back on during daylight hours especially if away on holiday! Any questions were answered very promptly. Very pleased with my purchase.

  17. SB

    Werkt goed in combinatie met Philips hue bridge.

  18. Neo

    Great product, works well but still have some major flaws.Note that It only works properly with push button switch (not standard light switches). standard switches would still operate if you flip the button fast (on-off-on). Not ideal , seems like a workaround and it was not clearly stated. Unfortunately only found out after ordered multiple for house upgrade and stuck with them. There are other products that work with normal switches… it should be able to do this too!4 starts instead of lower due to stellar customer service of samotech

  19. MARCO M. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    All ok! Easy setup!

  20. Ben (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Brilliant bit of kit, worked straight away no problems. will defiantly be buying more to compliment my Philips hue setup.

  21. Neal H. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  22. Tomasz Loddo-Edling

    Alles perfekt. Bin sehr zufrieden

  23. Helmut FRIEDRICH

    ideal in Kombi mit Leuchten und diese dann in das Philips Sue-System integrieren.

  24. Phil Smith

    Initially, I couldn’t get Philips Hue to find this switch and with the less than explicit instructions needed by an idiot like me I got frustrated and left a pretty scathing reviewThe trick I missed was to initialise the device CLOSE to the Hue hub first of all then you can select add a light in the Hue App and, hey presto the search found it very quickly. Although the wireless signal is pretty good in my house being close to the hub was all that was needed, I only wish the instructions had explained that a little better.Maybe a 4* would be more appropriate because of the instructions but I’m so chuffed with getting the little devil working I can’t be that churlish and will be buying at least one more for another project anyway. If you’re reading this to add to a Hue system here’s what I did:-Install the mains wires in as per the instructions (live in is in the middle) press the reset four times, it should flash a couple of times. Go to the Hue app and select add light from settings. It should see it as an on-off switch, give it a name add it to a room and that’s it paired. Then I installed it in a wall box where the original switch was, add the two wires going to the load (my garden lights) and tested it. Now the lights come on at dusk and go off when I say goodnight to Alexa, very sad, I know but that’s a gadget geeks burdenHere’s what I said originally:-I bought this to replace a lightwaveRF inline switch that controls some garden lights because I found the Lightwave stuff to be a bit flakey and the Hue stuff expensive but stable, also, Philips doesn’t sell an equivalent.Maybe I don’t understand what it should do so it could be my fault.I found the instructions very vague and confusing, I could not get Hue to see this switch/device. There is a small LED on the device along with a small switch that’s labelled reset but couldn’t find anywhere in the instructions or online explaining what these two things do exactly or how they work, there’s some vague mention about pressing the button four or five times but that’s it. I assume the light being on indicates its live?A few people said how easy it was to get it working with Hue but unfortunately, they don’t say how. Back to repairing LightwaveRF every couple of months for now

  25. Steve (store manager)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works great with my bathroom fan and lights that linked to a zigbee motion sensor!

  26. Richard (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Works perfectly and super easy to install. Will buy again.

  27. Manfred K.

    Der Schaltaktor lies sich schnell ?ber die Hue-Essential App in mein Smart Home einbinden und kann deswegen auch mit Alexa angesteuert werden..Wurde zum Ansteuern einer Lampe verwendet. Sehr klein ,konnte deswegen direkt in den Baldachin der Lampe eingesetzt werden.

  28. H. Zw?lfer

    Habe mit diesem Ding plus Taster und T?rkontakt meine 20 Jahre alte Saunasteuerung ‘SMART’ gemacht. Zus?tzlich zu den manuellen Funktionen kann ich jetzt auch von unterwegs die Sauna mit einem Timer bevor ich nach Hause komme einschalten. Benutze es in Verbindung mit einem Philips Hue-System. Die Sauna ist im Letzten Eck im Keller, die Funkverbindung quer durchs ganze Haus und durch die Kellerdecke funktioniert einwandfrei. Den T?rkontakt habe ich sicherheitshalber verbaut, damit ich nicht irrt?mlich bei offener Saunat?r den Ofen einschalte.

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