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Seamless Integration with Popular Apps: Designed for the modern smart home ecosystem, the SM319 Vibration Sensor flawlessly integrates with both the Tuya and SmartLife applications. Simply pair it with a compatible Zigbee hub, and you’re set for smarter monitoring.

Instant Alerts: Never be caught off-guard. With the SM319, any detected surface vibrations, instantly trigger an alert to your smartphone. This ensures you’re always informed, even on the go.

Versatile Detection Abilities: Whether you place it on the floor to detect drop movements or affix it to objects like drawers, cabinets, or doors, the sensor’s versatility ensures that unauthorized access or unexpected activities never go unnoticed.

Equip your home or office with the SM319 Zigbee Vibration Sensor and step into a world where every movement matters and security is at its smartest.

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Ultra-sensitive Detection: At the core of the SM319 Zigbee Vibration Sensor is a meticulously engineered sensor designed to capture even the slightest vibrations with unparalleled accuracy. From subtle disturbances to more pronounced movements, rest assured that nothing goes unnoticed.

Energy-Efficient Design: Powered by an advanced low-power chipset, the sensor is not just about performance, but also efficiency. Such a design ensures minimal energy consumption, letting you enjoy peace of mind for over two years without the need for frequent battery replacements.

Extended Battery Life: Forget the hassle of regular battery changes. With the SM319 Zigbee Vibration Sensor, experience extended monitoring periods, thanks to a battery lifespan that stretches beyond two years.

Integrate the SM319 into your security or automation system and add an extra layer of precision and reliability to your setup.

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  1. The sensor does exactly what I need it to do. I have it on a none opening window.

  2. exellent sensors with 3 sensativity settings i use these outdoors as fence perimeter sonsors and install them in waterproof electronic enclosures, add them to you alarm system for complete peace of mind

  3. Device works well. Had to write custom controller for Zigbee2MQTT, though I suspect it will be supported soon anyway.

  4. Not supported directly by Zigbee2MQTT but I managed to get it working by hacking a new YAML config. I’ll upload to Zigbee2MQTT Github so all can enjoy it.

  5. Didn’t work with Smartthings even though it was listed as ZigBee compatible

  6. It does work with Hubitat – but you need a community custom Tuya Vibration Sensor Driver, which you can download and install via the Hubitat Package Manager (a user created app). Works very well, 6 levels of sensitivity (with the custom driver on Hubitat). I stuck mine to an old, dumb, hardwired smoke alarm system to pick up the alarm and send a notification if it goes off. Works nicely on the lowest sensitivity level. It’s quite small – 4x4x1cm.

  7. I brought 3 of the vibration sensors and they are working flawlessly in Home Assistant with ZHA.

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