Smart Water Leak Detectors

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Protect Your Home from Unwanted Surprises

Instant Connection: Stay connected with your home through the Samotech Smart water leak detector. As it links directly to your home’s internet, it vigilantly monitors for any water accumulation around its sensor.

Compact and Discreet: Its compact design ensures it remains unobtrusive. Whether it’s hidden under your sink or any other vulnerable spot, it discreetly keeps watch without disrupting your space.

Immediate Alerts: Don’t let a minor leak escalate into a major issue. The moment its sensor detects water, an immediate alert is dispatched to your smartphone via the Smart Life App, ensuring you’re aware and can take necessary action promptly.


Instant Notifications: Regardless of your device’s OS – be it Android or iOS – the moment water is detected, the Smart Life App ensures you’re the first to know.

Extended Detection: With its long water detection sensor cable, placement becomes versatile and flexible, ensuring no corner is left unchecked.

Efficient Power Management: Powered by a contemporary chipset, the device boasts low power consumption. What’s more, its built-in rechargeable battery ensures it remains operational for several months without needing a recharge.

Stay Updated: Never be caught off guard. The detector promptly sends a low battery notification when it’s time for a recharge, ensuring continuous protection.

Safeguard your home with the Samotech Smart water leak detector and rest easy knowing that potential water issues will be promptly flagged.


Escape of water damage is one of the most common types of domestic property damage claims—more than fire or theft. These aqueous accidents of course can stem from floods and storms, but most involve burst washing machine hoses, bathroom or roof leaks, and general toilet, water tank, hot water tank or refrigerator piping malfunctions. The result? Water damage that can run you in the thousands of pounds.
Sure, you can place dumb water detectors that emit an alarm when pools appear. But these detectors are only effective if you’re home to hear the alarm, and can take the action quickly. If you’re often out of the house, on the road, simply at work, or own a second home, you want a Smart water sensor. Unlike an alarm no one may hear, a Smart water sensor can transmit an emergency alert to your smartphone and help you to prevent an unwanted aquatic event. By combining SM302 water sensors with our Water Shut-Off Valve Control installed on your water pipe, you can have your water supply in the house shut off remotely when a leak is detected by the sensor. All you need is setup an automatic scenario in an app. Kindly be aware that Zigbee water sensors necessitate a Zigbee Hub for functionality, whereas WIFI sensors can operate without the need for a Hub.
Zigbee Hub SM310 or SM310ZHA
Home Assistant

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Weight 100 g

SM302, SM302Z, SM302ZP

14 reviews for Smart Water Leak Detectors

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  1. Used on boat in harsh conditions last one lasted 4 years fantastic product

  2. Battery doesn’t come with full, but I got partially refunded for getting a new battery

  3. First class service arrived on time 2nd unit i bought for the boat gives peace of mind when the boat is left in the marina unattended 5 stars for this company And product

  4. Fitted on my boat gives me peace of mind when I am not there going to order more

  5. Not tried it yet

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